My Heart Breaks

when I hear a parent and child separated because they do not have a legal relationship.

While gay marriage and accurate birth certificates are wonderful indications of our families’ love, they do not create a strong parental relationship that will undoubtedly be recognized in court.

Second parent adoption in Texas is like insurance.

As long as all goes well, you may not need an adoption order. But when you need it because of unexpected situations, the protection of that court order is invaluable.”

–Suzanne Bryant

Second parent adoptions in Texas provides these benefits


If a couple stays together, the child enjoys the balance and stability of equal, legal parents.


If a couple breaks up, the legal parent cannot just walk away with the child.


If a couple breaks up, the second parent is responsible for the child, emotionally and financially.


If the legal parent dies, the child is not an orphan; grandparents cannot intervene.


If the second-parent dies, the child is eligible for social security and military survivorship benefits.


If relatives leave inheritance to “born or adopted” descendants, the child is included.

Sliding scale fees and installment payments available

Suzanne Bryant

LGBT Activist and Attorney at Law

Suzanne Bryant is passionate about her work as an activist and adoption attorney for the LGBT community. After witnessing too many situations where parents and children were torn apart, she dedicated her legal practice to families with two mothers, two fathers or a transgendered parent. Over the past 20 years she has had a 100% gay adoption success rate, helping hundreds of families throughout Texas.


Suzanne has risked the rage of millions to publicly put herself — and her family — out there on the front page of the news. She has done it for love, for justice. She has volunteered to be the voice and face of my family, so that our path may be clearer and less fraught.

– Anne McCarthy, Austin, Texas

We felt really comfortable from the beginning at this office. Suzanne was extremely professional, understanding but most of all she was human and treated us with kindness and respect. Kirsten is awesome! She kept the communication going and kept us informed about the whole process, documents needed, appointments, etc. We would definitely recommend this Team to our friends and anybody in need of a great legal representation.

– Jessica Chamorro, Eagle Pass, Texas

My partner and I have adopted three infants through private adoption. The first one was not done in the best interest of us and our daughter because of a well-intentioned attorney that wasn’t up on laws and how they affect gay families. Luckily, Suzanne was able to redo that one and we used her for our next two. She has been helpful, caring and conscientious throughout so we could rest at ease and enjoy our special day.

– Melanie Maine, Fort Worth, Texas

From our very first phone call to Suzanne Bryant’s office, we were completely confident in her and her staff’s abilities. Suzanne and her staff succeeded in turning a potentially confusing, expensive, and frustrating process into one that was easy, exciting, and a complete joy for our family. We absolutely refer all of our adopting friends to the office of Suzanne Bryant!

– Lisa Allen, Lumberton, Texas

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