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Basic Documents

We have compiled a list of basic documents and linked them to resources online where you can obtain a template to create your own. Suzanne will provide a free consultation for adoption clients to discuss which documents are right for their family.

Basic Last Will and Testament (without trust)
After a person dies, their property is inherited by their legal next-of-kin according to state law. However, through a Will anyone can designate who will receive property and be the guardian of the children. *Consult with attorney

Basic Testamentary Trust (included in Will)
This section of the Will directs a trustee to manage assets for the benefit of another, such as a minor child. *Consult with attorney

Statutory Durable Power of Attorney
This document provides another person with the power to handle business affairs. It can be general or limited to one event, such as selling a home. It can begin immediately or only upon incapacity when one is unable to handle business affairs. *Consult with attorney

Medical Power of Attorney
Husbands and wives automatically make medical decisions for each other, if the other person is incapacitated. With this document, anyone can designate who will make these decisions and visit them in the intensive care unit. Form available here.

Directive to Physicians (“Living Will”)
Physicians will not “pull the plug” without permission from a dying person. Often that person is unable to express their wishes. This document allows a person to state whether they wish to be kept alive solely by artificial means. Form available here.

Designation of Guardian Before Need
If a court-ordered guardian is necessary because of incapacity, the court usually appoints the closest legal next-of-kin (relatives by blood or marriage). This document, which is especially useful for someone who does not want their next-of-kin to take over from a partner, the elderly or anyone with a progressive illness, allows one to direct the court’s decision. Form available here.

Directions for Disposition of Remains
After a person is dead, their body is released to their legal next-of-kin, unless they have signed this document stating that they want another individual to handle their funeral and burial or cremation. These ceremonies can be a healing part of the grief process for the surviving spouse. Form available here.

Body Disposition Authorization Affidavit
This document states your wishes regarding how your remains will be handled. If you don’t have this document, your agent in the Direction for Disposition of Remains will make the decision. Form available here.

LGBT Books for the Family

Molly's Family

by Nancy Garden

Another kindergartner tries to tell Molly that she can’t have two mommies. Then, when the other children share pictures of their very different families, she decides that her family is just fine, too.

The Different Dragon

by Jennifer Bryan

Noah hears a story that one of his moms tells about a dragon who doesn’t like to be fierce all the time. Sometimes he just wants to be himself.

And Tango Makes Three

by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell

Two male penguins at the Central Park Zoo have become partners. When the zookeeper finds an abandoned egg, he decides to give the daddies a chance to raise their own baby. Their daughter Tango hatched and thrived under their care. Based on a true story.

Emma and Meesha My Boy

by Kaitlyn Considine

Emma’s Mama and Mommy teach her to care for their chubby pet cat.

Felicia's Favorite Story

by Lesléa Newman

Felicia’s moms tell her the happy story of when they brought her home from Guatemala.

Flying Free

by Jennifer C. Gregg

The story of a firefly who stays the night with Violet and her two mommies.

Who's In A Family?

by Robert Skutch

A story about many different kinds of families.

King and King

by Linda de Haan

The queen demands that the prince find a wife so he can take the throne—only it’s another prince who catches his eye.

Gloria Goes to Gay Pride

by Lesléa Newman

Gloria and her two mothers join a parade celebrating gay pride.

Daddy, Papa, and Me

by Lesléa Newman

A toddler spends a fun day with his daddies. The author has also written Mommy, Mama, and Me.